Classroom Management Reward System

Even though I teach middle school, I decided to implement a reward system that is often found in elementary school.  This past summer I was struggling with getting students focused and on task.  Many of the students were friends causing lots of talking and off task behavior or had trouble focusing.

To get students on task and completing work, I decided to try a raffle ticket reward system.  When a student came in and started the Do Now without reminders, completed homework, answered a question, helped another student, etc., the student would get a raffle ticket.  The more raffle tickets they would get, the more chances they would have for the weekly drawing.  To keep students in their seats, they had to wait until the end of class to turn in their raffle tickets.  The consequence was the raffle ticket would be taken away if any student turned in their raffle ticket early.

Behavior completely turned around!  Students began participating more, helping one another, and were more focused.

I implemented the same reward system during the school year but changed it to bi-weekly drawings to save on money.  Students always look forward to the drawing, and remind me to pass out raffle tickets.  Students know they won’t get a raffle ticket if they are off-task, not completing work, or not participating.

I kept the prizes simple, but the students loved them!  Donuts are a big hit (I purchase one for each class the morning of a drawing) and students beg for the giant candy bars that I purchase.

The raffle tickets that I use are the kind you would get during a 50/50 drawing and students write their name on the back.

If you want anymore information or have any questions, comment below!

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