A Flipped Classroom Test

With all of the hype of flipped classrooms and blended learning as well as my journey through Michigan State’s Educational Technology program, I decided to try it.  However, I wanted to ease into the idea as I continued to learn and research flipped classrooms.

This semester, my goal is to create screencasts covering the objectives that students are learning in class and place them on a website that ALL of my students can view.  I also will be placing extra readings, student “I can” statements (objectives) and vocabulary lists.  My hope is that students will view these materials if they are absent, suspended, or if they need help studying.

UPDATE:  After doing this for two months, I have seen a slow increase in student involvement.  Students come to me before a test stating how they watched the videos to help them study.  In addition, I have students state that they love learning this way.  I love that when students are absent they have a place to visit to see what information they have missed and can stay up to date with the class.  Unfortunately, student involvement is not as high as I would like it.  I include the link in my e-mails to parents and remind students about it everyday.  Hopefully as time goes on, students will see this as a great asset to their learning!

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