Back to School

Wow it is already that time of year! The pencils are sharpened, the notebooks are fresh, the classroom is clean, and the teachers are excited!

This year, I decided to revamp my classroom a little. I wanted more colorful items and for my desks to be completely reorganized. I decided to move my desk from the front of the class to the back of the class. Not only will this help me with classroom management, but I am also able to see out my door when sitting at my desk.

Last Year
This Year

I also decided to buy notebooks for every student. Students will use these for daily Do Nows, and I also plan on starting an interactive notebook. At the end of each unit, students will create something to help them study and remember what they learned.


Of course, I had to keep the SWAG wall, but I reprinted my classroom rules and my “get out of seat” procedures on better paper and laminated them.












Finally, I changed my bulletin boards.  I kept the Twitter and Instaclass boards, but changed the others to “Scientists of the Week” and “Determination = Success.”  My goal is to put up a new scientist on a weekly basis and post papers of students who tried their best and succeeded.










Here’s to a great new year!! What did you change this year?

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