Bridge Building


Last week, I posted about a great scientific method unit that I implement with my students.  This week, students finished up their bridge building and actually tested their bridges.  After some skepticism and uncertainties, students were astounded that these toothpick bridges could actually hold weight.  One group even held an entire 5 gallon bucket full of water before breaking!  IMG_3218

IMG_3220This was my second year teaching this lesson, and I truly feel that students got out of it what I had intended:  the scientific method.  While students were learning, we went over the different steps of the scientific method.  First they asked questions, next they researched, they created hypotheses, experimented, and recorded results.

This is a GREAT lesson that gets student excited to learn about science and gets them working in groups.  I love this lesson!  For more information, visit my Teachers Pay Teachers store. IMG_3215 IMG_3216    IMG_3221

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