Fabulous Fridays


After a very trying and exhausting week, I decided to take the route of one of my fellow blogger’s, Brooke.  Every Friday, Brooke writes a positive blog entry to remind her of the little things in life.

There was a lot of excitement rolled up into these fast five days.  My students finished their scientific method unit with their big bridge building activity.  Students were able to build bridges out of only 100 toothpicks and glue!  There was even one bridge that held up an entire five gallon bucket full of water.  I was impressed and I think the students were too!

Today, during the bridge building competition, one of my students stopped and said “Ms. Chamberlin, you are so pretty.”  Another student volunteered to be my helper and did the filling of the bucket each time we had to pour in another set to test a bridge.  It really made me feel so appreciative of these students and reminded me why I became a teacher in the first place.  I truly felt like I made a difference in their lives.

Sometimes, you really just need to reflect and think about the little things in life.

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