Halloween 2014

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays!  I love the opportunity to dress up as someone else, and have fun lesson plans with my students, plus there is chocolate.

This year, I decided to go as Miss America.  Mystudents loved it and I heard “Hi Miss America” and “Do you want World Peace?” all day.

IMG_1298I also saw some amazing costumes out there as well.  There was a young lady dressed as a u of m fan with blue and yellow hair, there was a student dressed as a scarecrow, and a young man wearing a costume that had him riding on an ostrich.  He even walked around as if he was galloping!!

My students played a game of review Science Bingo.  Instead of just giving them the answers, they had to know the definitions of each word in order to win a Bingo.  Check out my bingo game on sale at TPT here.  I had a lot of fun today and I think the students did too!

How was your Halloween?

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