Personal Led PD

This week I am very excited, (and nervous, and humbled, etc).  In a previous post, I mentioned that my school is all about the bottom 30.  My idea was to take previous standards and fit them in on Fridays.  My students and I call it Fabulous Fun Fridays.  Each group is working on something different while I work with a group of 5-8 students on a previous standard from a previous grade.  Administration was so impressed, that they decided to allow me to share my idea with my colleagues.

On Friday, some colleagues were scheduled to visit my classroom.  The entire week, I prepped my students and reminded them that because I had bragged about them, we were going to have visitors.  When Friday came, my students instantly asked “where our are visitors?”  The students owned their centers and truly wanted to show off the amazingness of their class.  They told one another to stop talking, they were all engaged with the centers, and truly showed the success of the centers.

This coming Tuesday, I have the opportunity to plan my own PD and help my colleagues plan centers in their own classroom.  I am very excited for this opportunity and can’t wait to see how it goes!

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