New Year, New Project

Two weeks sure do fly by!  And even though I am amped for this project that my students will be working on, I have left it for Sunday before school resumes!

Mid-terms are in two weeks for my students and I am two weeks ahead of my fellow co-worker.  So, I decided to implement a scientific method project that the students will be working on with partners with no help from me.  Each partnership will be assigned a project:  egg drop, paper airplane, or mousetrap car.  The goal of the egg drop is to keep an egg the safest, the goal of the paper airplane is to create an airplane that flies the farthest and stays in the air the longest, and the goal of the mousetrap car is to create a car that travels the furthest.

During this project, students will go through the steps of the scientific method.  First, they will watch part of an episode of Mythbusters to determine the steps of the scientific method and how the characters use them to support or bust a question.  Next, students will research about their topic and choose three ideas that they feel will allow them to win the competition.  Third, students will create their contraption for their project and complete three trials with their three different ideas to determine what is the best choice for their project.  Finally, students will create a poster board to show what they learned from the project.

We will also have a competition day where students determine the winners in the three different categories.

I am very excited to see how these projects turn out!  It will be interesting to see how students create their projects and how engaged they become in the activities.

Do you have any exciting activities happening in your classroom?  Share in the comments.

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