MACUL 2015

Finally!  Spring Break.

I had the opportunity this year to not only attend MACUL 2015 this year, but I presented as well with a SPARK session.


I was very nervous, but once I got started, the words started flowing and I had a great turnout and lots of questions.  I presented my idea of centers and how they improve scores.  For my slides from the presentation, click here.

I learned A TON that I have already implemented in the classroom.  If you haven’t heard of these already, you may want to check them out.  They are completely engaging and my students always beg to do them more often!


Ability to play a game to review things.  Students are rewarded points for the answers that they give and for answering quickly.  Students love the competition.


Teachers can assign videos to students or classes.  Teachers can use videos from many different sources (YouTube, Kahn Academy, create your own) and cut the video or add their own voice to the video.  They can also stop the video and enter a comprehension question to see if students are truly understanding what they are learning.

Did you attend MACUL?  What are some things you learned about?

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