Formative Assessments and Technology

Formative Assessments.  That sure is a buzz word in the world of education today.  How can we check to see if our students are understanding what we want them to learn?  How can we make sure that they pass those state tests?  How can we make sure that they are proficient and have mastered what we teach them?

I have compiled two awesome technologies below that can be helpful with formative assessments.  These tech tools have been a life saver for me and have made grading a thousand times easier.

Free Tech Tools


Just like clickers but without the remotes!  Students hold up a piece of paper with their answers.  The teacher can scan the room to obtain the answer.  The teacher can see who is wrong and who is right and easily asses whether or not something needs to be taught again.


It is free, fast, and easy.  You can easily see who answered correctly and incorrectly.


Students often lose the papers.  Since each student can be assigned a specific number, they must hold onto the paper or they must be passed out to the correct person each time if you want to use this for grading purposes.


A video game that the students love!  Input different questions and the review for a test becomes a game.  The students try to get the most points by answering correctly and by answering the quickest.


Students become excited to come to class.  They always ask to play Kahoot.


The focus is more on the game than the learning.  It is not a good representation of learning because students often hit the wrong answer in their haste to get the most points.  Also, each student must have a device.

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