Learning HTML

This past week, I have embarked on the adventure of learning HTML.  In my new career, building websites is a must.  And if you do not have a simple understanding of HTML, it is tough to fix minor problems with formatting.  During my first week, I realized that I used to play around with HTML when I had a MySpace (remember those days?).  I had a basic understanding such as bold (b) and paragraph (p).  But I realized that I would need a better understanding of the HTML codes in order to make my web pages the way I wanted them to look.  I decided to check out Code Academy for lessons on how to use HTML.  I thought it was going to be the most confusing, tough, frustrating journey.


Code Academy made it easy to understand.  Throughout a lesson, they introduce you to new concepts such as paragraphs (p), unordered lists (ul), lists (li), etc.  After they introduce you to the concept, they have you practice it and see the changes you made live.  This was very beneficial.  Especially because I could see if it truly worked or not and try to figure out what went wrong.  In addition, each of the different codes are color-coded, which makes it easy to see what isn’t working and if something is spelled wrong.

Finally, after a lesson, Code Academy has you review what you learned and put your new HTML skills to use.

I definitely suggest Code Academy to learn HTML.  The lessons are easy to follow and plus, you earn badges.  Who doesn’t like some extrinsic motivation?!

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