Formative Assessments and Technology

Formative Assessments.  That sure is a buzz word in the world of education today.  How can we check to see if our students are understanding what we want them to learn?  How can we make sure that they pass those state tests?  How can we make sure that they are proficient and have mastered whatContinue reading “Formative Assessments and Technology”

MACUL 2015

Finally!  Spring Break. I had the opportunity this year to not only attend MACUL 2015 this year, but I presented as well with a SPARK session. I was very nervous, but once I got started, the words started flowing and I had a great turnout and lots of questions.  I presented my idea of centersContinue reading “MACUL 2015”

Reactants and Products

Last month, my students were focusing on Physical and Chemical Properties and Changes.  During this unit, students learned about reactants and products.  During one lesson, students were attempting to discover how the amount of reactants affects the number of products.  To do this, they combined baking soda and vinegar in different amounts to find theContinue reading “Reactants and Products”

Data, Data, Data

As a teacher, data is always at the forefront.  How do you use data?  What does the data say?  Is that proven by data? Personally, I love data.  It gives me reassurance that something I have implemented is working.  Data helps me see where my students are struggling so I don’t waste my own timeContinue reading “Data, Data, Data”

Centers = Effective

Good Morning Fellow Teachers! It has been awhile since my last update.  October is super busy for me as a cheer coach as well as a math tutor.  But, I wanted to inform you of something new I implemented last week. As a teacher, I am often worried about if my students mastered a conceptContinue reading “Centers = Effective”

Reading Rainbow

This week, I decided to try implementing a new reading technique.  Students at my school are 2-3 grade levels behind in their reading comprehension, especially in informational text.  To help promote a love of reading and science, I decided to try something new. Many students don’t realize how important science and technology is in the realContinue reading “Reading Rainbow”