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Today is Hershey Bear’s 2nd birthday!  The best part of her birthday being on New Years Day is we are always off work.  Which means she gets extra cuddles and lots of attention for her birthday!  Plus, since we always stay up until Midnight for New Year’s Eve, we are able to sing her Happy […]

Hershey’s 2nd Birthday

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Well, winter has officially hit.  Over the course of what felt like 24 hours, we received 10.5 inches of snow! Most of the day yesterday was spent watching the news for the list of school closings.  Back when I was a teacher, I always felt like this watching the news: Now that I work at […]

Snowmageddon 2016

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Back in October, my mom and I went on the Southern Michigan’s Railroad Society‘s Fall Color Tour.  It was a great experience and lots of great memories! It was the first time either of us had ever been to Tecumseh.  From my house, the drive was about 60 minutes or so.  We were both shocked […]

A Day in Tecumseh

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Yes, that seriously just happened.  My husband actually texted me saying that he LIKES our house clean.  I never saw this day coming!  How was I going to get both of our lazy butts up to make sure our house was clean and up to date on any improvements that needed to be done? Last […]

Adulting Isn’t ALWAYS Bad

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I am my own worst enemy. I beat myself up for the smallest things all the time.  My husband knows that he doesn’t have to say a word when I screw up because I am already beating myself up and have a guilty conscience.  Crazy right? This is not an understatement.  For example, I lost […]

My Own Worst Enemy

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One year ago, I was blessed to become the wife of an amazing man.  We celebrated with friends and family in Frankenmuth and had a beautiful, lovely wedding. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to enjoy the wedding night 😉 because our Onnie ran away. Last weekend we had the opportunity to visit Frankenmuth again and actually […]

One Year of Happiness

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My family. We may be overrun by animals, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. Coming home to shaking butts (husband included) and face licks makes my day each and every day!  #day2#100happydays#blessed#family Came home to this on the kitchen table! My husband knows me so well! I’m so excited to read it #day3 #100happydays #harrypotterforever Not exactly […]

Days 2-6 #100 happy days

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