Days 2-6 #100 happy days


My family. We may be overrun by animals, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. Coming home to shaking butts (husband included) and face licks makes my day each and every day!  #day2#100happydays#blessed#family


Came home to this on the kitchen table! My husband knows me so well! I’m so excited to read it 😄😄#day3 #100happydays #harrypotterforever


Not exactly a happy moment, but I got to spend the entire day with a sick Moe. Hopefully we find out soon what’s wrong. Luckily she is acting perfectly normal with the exception of one symptom. Poor baby! 💕 #mastiff #staffie #sickpuppy #day4 #100happydays


Oops forgot to post last night. Date nights are amazing. We went and saw the secret life of pets We probably hadn’t gone to the movies in years! Plus they have the perfect tiny size of popcorn for me!  #day5 #100happydays #blessed


Spent the morning doing some Zumba after not going in SO LONG! 💃🏼 I missed it! Then my mom was waiting for me at home and we got to go out to lunch (yum!) 🍵 and took the dogs for a drive in Brett’s truck. 🐶Now the dogs are tuckered out and snoring. 💤 What a great Saturday!  #day6#100happydays #blessed #momanddaughter


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