A Healthy Addiction

I’m addicted.  It is a healthy addiction, but an addiction all the same.

First it was Scentsy.  I had to have a party (especially because many of my friends were consultants) every season.  Seriously, I needed to have the summer scents, then the fall scents, then the summer scents, etc.  It was a vicious circle to the point that I had SO MANY SCENTS that I could start a break.

Then it was Beachbody.  I loved Beachbody.  I became a coach for the discount and to earn some extra money.  I had like EVERY workout program and I was drinking Shakeology on a daily basis.  Then my life took over and I could no longer sell it and it became too expensive.

So that leads us to where we are today.  My new addiction.  DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!!


Don’t I look so CUTE!??

Seriously, it took me FOREVER to actually get into the clothing.  I kept putting it off and putting it off.  It was too expensive or I didn’t have the money at the time, etc.  Excuses Excuses.  Then I decided to take the plunge (with some coaxing from my hubby and my mom).  Let me tell you, I LOVE IT!  Every single outfit I bought fits perfectly and is SO COMFY.  They are actually professional looking and gives me the chance to be comfy in my outfits.  It is so hard not to wear everything everyday.  Plus, when I decide to get pregnant, I will already have an entire wardrobe!! 😉



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