Review – Mamaroo

October 19, 2017

Before I was pregnant, I told myself “we don’t need the most expensive things for our baby.”  HA, well that went out the window when I became pregnant.  To help other moms, I decided to start a review of the baby items that we have bought and used with Bailee.

The first review is on the 4 Moms Mamaroo swing.  This swing bounces up and down and sways side to side.  It has different speeds and different motions such as car ride, ocean wave, circle, etc.  There are also different sounds that go along with the different motions such as nature sounds, white noise, and ocean waves.  There are also different fabric and design choices that can be removed and washed easily (for those random spit ups and diaper blow outs!).  In addition, a mobile is attached with black and white on one side for infants and colors on the other for when your baby gets older.

When I first heard about this swing, I was like that is dumb!  Why do you need a $250 swing when you can buy much cheaper ones from Fisher Price or off brands?  Plus, I had heard some babies enjoy the swing and some babies HATE IT!  Then Facebook Marketplace came into the picture.  While I refused to pay $250 for a swing, I was able to find a perfectly good used one for $80.  I HAD to have it.

When our baby arrived, we honestly forgot we had the Mamaroo.  We kept trying to put her in her newborn bassinet or tried holding and rocking her.  It wasn’t until my mom mentioned that I loved my swing as a baby that we remembered we had the Mamaroo.  So, we decided to put Bailee in it when she was fussy.  It was instantaneous.  She LOVED it.  The rocking helped calm her down and she was sleeping within 10 minutes.  We put the rocking on the highest setting (to my husband’s dismay) to calm her down, but once she falls asleep, we put her back down to the middle setting.  Now, the Mamaroo is her after lunch favorite place to be.  She loves rocking and taking naps in the swing.


Her big sister loves laying next to her while in the Mamaroo

The Mamaroo also has the option for an infant insert that is an extra $30.  When we bought ours used, I was worried because it did not come with the infant insert.  I debated and debated on whether or not I should buy it, and decided not to.  To be honest, you do NOT need it.  Bailee fit in the Mamaroo with no problem without the infant insert.  And realistically, babies grow so fast, you probably wouldn’t be using it for very long.  So, save the $30 for something else.


Bailee fits without the Infant Insert

Disclaimer:  I was not paid for this review.  This is my own thoughts on baby products.  This does not mean your baby will react the same way since ALL babies are different.


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