The Evil Sock Monster

November 8, 2017


They are seriously the death of me.  I ALWAYS forget to grab socks when I am picking out Bailee’s outfit for the day.

Originally, all I had bought were white socks, because that is all I wore as a kid.  Then, when we went out with our best friends, I realized I should have bought different colored socks to match her different outfits.  So, I bought some pink and grey ones and now they always fall off and never stay on!  There is never winning with socks.

That being said, I swear by the Babies R Us bubble socks.  Why?  Because they STAY ON!  I never have to put her socks back on.  They don’t slip off in her sleep.  They don’t slip off while we change her.  They are AMAZING!  Only downside to these socks are they only come in white.  So, as long as you don’t mind that the socks don’t match outfits, they are absolutely the best!


Side note:  While I was writing this blog, I realized I can’t find them on Babies R Us’ website =(.  I better go buy a bunch right now!


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