A Week of Gratitude

August 18, 2019

Wow, it has been awhile.  It’s funny – whenever I’m on vacation, I think, “I should really start my blog up again.”  Then I write 1 or 2 entries, life takes over and the blog gets put on the back-burner.  Well here I am and you guessed it, I’m finishing up my vacation.

It is pretty sad that I spent the first half of my vacation, working.  I’m really mad at myself for it since now looking back, I feel like I didn’t really get to enjoy my time off.  Yes, I sat around and watched Netflix, and took myself out to lunch, and went shopping.  But, work was always in the background of my mind, stressing me out, and not allowing me to relax.  So, to get over these feelings, I thought I’d reflect on the amazing parts of my time off from work.

Saturday, August 10

Bailee’s 2nd birthday pictures.  How the heck did that happen?  We had a Moana theme and Hei Hei definitely made an appearance.

Monday, August 12

I sent Miss Bailee to school and spent the morning shopping for the new house.  Do you realize how hard it is not to buy EVERY SINGLE FARMHOUSE THING THAT HOME GOODS CARRIES?!?  I keep having to have Brett remind me to wait until we actually move.6A2802A3-9F30-4C64-A16A-E185B501BA0E

Tuesday, August 13

I took my lovely self out to lunch to one of my favorite restaurants!

Thursday, August 15

Bailee turned 23 months old!!  We also spent the day at the Zoo with our Aunts Maya and Brooke and best friend Genevieve!  This was probably the pivotal moment of my vacation.  I felt myself relax, forget about work, and just be present in the day.  I loved watching the girls run around, feed birds, and just hang out.

Friday, August 16

Brett bought me a massage for my birthday (ya know, back in June).  And I finally cashed in.  My massage therapist said I was extremely tense in my shoulders (uh duh), so I decided to just go monthly.  TREAT YO SELF BABY.

Saturday, August 17

FAMILY DAY!  What a blast.  We took Bailee to the Armada Fair and she freaking loved it. She petted all the animals, ran around, and ate all the fair food possible.  Then we took her to Blake’s Cider Mill and had sweet corn and a donut.  Best.  Day.  Ever.  I love our family days together.

Ok, overall, the week was pretty great.  Now to prepare myself mentally to go back to work tomorrow…

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