The Birth of a Podcast

July 6, 2021

Last night I was listening to a great Podcast (ok, honestly it was called Drama Queens and centered around former characters of One Tree Hill watching the episodes again). As I was listening, I took a look at my office with the microphone I had bought on Amazon’s Prime Day and thought, “I could do this.” After 15 minutes of Googling and researching the possibilities, I realized how easy it would be to get started. Just to make sure I actually had an idea blossoming, I spent an hour drafting up the first three seasons of possible topics. Once I saw the potential of creating 30 whole weeks of content, I knew I had to move forward.

The hardest part of the process was honestly thinking of a name and designing a logo (thanks Canva!). After some reflection, I remembered how each boss I have had has called the instructional design team “rockstars.” So, Be an Instructional Design Rockstar was born.

Season 1: Becoming an Instructional Designer

Episode 1: My Background in Instructional Design

Season 1 is all about becoming an instructional designer. We’re in a large transition phase in the education and corporate world. As we begin to open back up after COVID, more and more instructional designers are needed to create successful online learning courses and trainings. In this season we will discuss tips and tricks for applying for jobs, nailing the interview, and what you need to know about becoming an instructional designer.

In this episode, I will discuss my introduction into instructional design (which was a complete accident) and the credentials I have that I believe have helped me be the best instructional designer possible.

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