Interview with Sam Gist

January 25, 2023

In Season 3 of “Be an Instructional Design Rockstar,” I have the unique opportunity to chat with other online learning professionals. This season is all about learning from each other. The goal for this season is to inspire, empower, and connect within the online learning field.

Episode 3.6 of “Be an Instructional Design Rockstar”

Interview with Sam Gist:  Sam Gist is a graduate of the University of  North Texas, and has worked as a communication specialist, educational  consultant, and instructional designer since 2012, including experience  managing a team of six instructional designers. He holds a Master’s  degree in Communication Studies, and enjoys exploring the intersections  of design thinking, technology, experience, and communication,  particularly as applied to effective educational practices. He currently  resides with the love of his life, Laurie, and two children in Aubrey,  TX. Connect with Sam on LinkedIn.

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