One Year of Happiness

October 17, 2016

One year ago, I was blessed to become the wife of an amazing man.  We celebrated with friends and family in Frankenmuth and had a beautiful, lovely wedding.


Unfortunately, we didn’t get to enjoy the wedding night ūüėČ because our Onnie ran away.

photo 2

Last weekend we had the opportunity to visit Frankenmuth again and actually stay at Bavarian Inn.  It was amazing!  My mom babysat the dogs and cats and sent us pictures throughout the entire weekend.

We started the weekend off by continuing our tradition of going to Bronner’s Christmas store and getting a personalized ornament. ¬†This store is seriously amazing! ¬†Why? ¬†Because it is Christmas all year round! ¬†Brett had to talk me out of buying a $300 9 ft. Christmas tree.


It was then late enough in the day that we could check into our hotel! ¬†Our view was amazing and we had another honeymoon suite with the jacuzzi tub and king bed! ¬†Brought back memories of rolling Pumpkins down the balcony the night before the wedding ūüėČ


It was then time to explore and walk around.  We walked around the River Shops and ate fudge.  Then we walked all through downtown Frankenmuth and ate at Frankenmuth Brewery.  It was delicious!  We tried their beer on tap and it was so good!  Plus the food was actually pretty good and unique for being bar food.  Our waiter was awesome.  He was super busy but was still attentive to each table!

Since we got our wedding cake from Zehnder’s, we were able to get a free cake from them for our anniversary. ¬†It was seriously GORGEOUS AND DELICIOUS!


Finally, we played putt putt (where we tied) and both got hole in ones!! ¬†We even went on the waterslide where Brett made us go down backwards! ¬†I was so afraid that we were going to get yelled at. ¬†Luckily, the people in charge were teenagers and they didn’t really care.


We finally headed to our hotel room and watched tv and relaxed.  Seriously, that was just the FIRST DAY!  The next day we went to Birch Run and Brett had to talk me out of getting a Michael Kors purse and I had to talk him out of buying stuff as well!


Overall, it was an AMAZING anniversary.  And of course Brett bought me the best present!


This will forever be our bridge <3


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