A Day in Tecumseh

November 13, 2016

Back in October, my mom and I went on the Southern Michigan’s Railroad Society‘s Fall Color Tour.  It was a great experience and lots of great memories!


It was the first time either of us had ever been to Tecumseh.  From my house, the drive was about 60 minutes or so.  We were both shocked and pleased with the cute city.  It had ma and pa shops and even had a used home decor store!  I even found a chandelier that I have been thinking about ever since I left the city!  Luckily, it had been there for awhile so hopefully it will still be there when I decide to go back and purchase it!


The train ride was about an hour each way.  We were on the outside of the train, which meant it was super cold (hence the layers in the above picture).  But it also meant we were able to see the trees a lot clearer than had we sat inside the train.  Unfortunately, the leaves changed so late this year that most of the trees were still green.  There wasn’t much “fall color.”  But, it was still a great time with my mom!

The first part of the train ride went super slow.  Although, there was this silly guy dressed up as a Native American chanting on the side of the train tracks.  We were able to chat and enjoy the scenery.  The most beautiful part was when we went over a bridge over the River Raisin.



We then stopped for cider mill donuts (yum!) and apple cider.  It was delicious!


On the way back, someone sat in the seats we were sitting in.  Which we didn’t mind at all since there was no assigned seating.  Plus, it meant we got to see different parts of the tour.  Unfortunately, that meant we sat in someone else’s seats, and they were not pleased.  This man was so “upset” that he decided to sit so close to me that we were touching.  He even said “I’m going to sit here to make you uncomfortable.”  He also kept saying loudly “I guess people just took their seats.”  I didn’t let it bother me though and obviously my ignoring of his comments and behavior caused him to realize he was being an idiot.  Eventually, he scooted away from me so I actually had some room.  But seriously, how rude.

Overall, it was a great experience!  I would definitely love to go to Tecumseh again, but probably not on a train ride.



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