Snowmageddon 2016

December 12, 2016

Well, winter has officially hit.  Over the course of what felt like 24 hours, we received 10.5 inches of snow!

Most of the day yesterday was spent watching the news for the list of school closings.  Back when I was a teacher, I always felt like this watching the news:


Now that I work at a community college, I watch the school closings for my friends.  Plus, I enjoy seeing all of the different school closings.

I also decided to be a responsible adult last night.  I know, shocking.  My husband is out of town so I had to make sure that the snow was cleared.  I spent 30 minutes shoveling the snow in the driveway as well as the back porch (had to make sure the dogs had a place to go!).  Of course, about 40 minutes later, you couldn’t even tell that I had shoveled at all!

Later, I decided to go out and shovel everything AGAIN!  And THANK GOD I did.  This morning’s shoveling took way less time since I had already done a ton of it last night.  Of course, with my husband out of town, I have NO CLUE where he put the salt (and neither does he!).

So, after shoveling I realized that ALL SCHOOLS were closed, except mine.  I kept hoping and praying and refreshing the page.  I ended up falling asleep and woke up around midnight to phone calls, texts, and emails from my work saying we were closed!!  I was so excited!  The dogs and I were able to sleep in and enjoy some early morning cuddles!

I decided the weather was a perfect time for a photo shoot with the dogs!  Of course, my dogs have very thin fur, so I decided to get their sweaters on (made by my mom) and all dolled up in their winter gear.  I seriously felt like a mom getting all the dogs dressed and myself in our snow gear.

The photo shoot ended up going great!  And the dogs absolutely loved the time in the snow (ok maybe not all of them!)


Overall, it has been a pretty successful snow day if I do say so myself!

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