10 Things Never to Say to a Pregnant Lady

July 5, 2017

Ever since I announced I was pregnant, it is like people foam at the mouth around me.  They don’t understand the idea of “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all.”  OR they think that because I’m pregnant, that means they don’t have to have a filter around me.  Either way, here are 10 things you should NEVER say to a pregnant lady.

1. You are HUGE!  You better watch how much weight you are gaining!

You’re right.  I’m growing a person.  Unless you are my doctor, your opinion of my weight gain is not needed or wanted.  I know I look like a beluga whale.  I don’t need it pointed out to me.

2.  You’re too skinny, you should be eating for two!

Pregnancy looks different on everyone.  Just because your friend’s cousin started showing at 10 weeks, doesn’t mean I should.

3.  Should you be working out?  Isn’t that bad for the baby?

Pregnancy doesn’t mean I have to sit on the couch eating cake all day.  Being active during pregnancy has proven results for faster recovery time and easier labor.

4.  You know, you can’t pawn off all of the diaper changes on your husband.

What?!  This is news to me!  I totally thought being a mom meant carrying my baby around for 9 months and then just having my husband do everything from there on out.

5.  You aren’t going to love your dogs (or pets) anymore after the baby comes.

Um, why?  My dogs were my children first.  Sure, I might love them in a different way, but my dogs will always be my oldest children.  I’m not going to just push them aside because I am having a child.

6.  So, are you going to get rid of your cats?  You know they steal your baby’s breath right?

What is this, the 18th century?  No, I am not getting rid of my cats.  I am going to teach my daughter how to respect animals and set boundaries for both my daughter and the animals.

7.  Why would you name your child that?

If you don’t like the name a mom has chosen, don’t say it out loud.  Don’t even make a face when she tells you.  Just say “that is so cute” or “I really like that” and move on.  Do you really think your opinion is going to make her change the name she has chosen?

8.  Are you going to let your daughter be a tomboy?

I’m going to “let” my daughter be whatever she wants to be.

9. There is a possibility you won’t make it to the hospital.  Are you sure you want to deliver there?

Where I deliver is my choice.  If my hospital was in my backyard, there is still a chance that I won’t make it to the hospital.  I’m not going to limit myself because of what MIGHT happen.

10.  Why would your boss promote you?  You’re pregnant.

So, because I am going to be a mom, that automatically means I’m not qualified?


11.  So, when are you going to have baby #2?

Can I just get through this pregnancy before I start thinking about having another?!

If you are wondering if what you were going to say might offend, just don’t say it.  Stick to “you look amazing!” or “you are going to be a great mom!”

NOTE:  In case you are wondering, yes, I have heard each of these things over my 7 months of being pregnant.


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