Learning iMovie Through YouTube and Apple Communities

There was frustration, joy, excitement and pride as I worked through this project. I am extremely happy with my final result. I was able to learn how to add videos into iMovie using an event, edit clips to be placed in my final video, add text to inform viewers about what my video is about, add music and sound effects to go along with my video, and export the project to put it on YouTube. All of my new acquired knowledge came from the help of the Apple Community Discussion forum as well as several YouTube videos. I learned that all of my struggles could easily be fixed by finding a tutorial on YouTube and following their directions. Plus, anytime I didn’t understand something, I could easily look up a new video or pause and rewatch certain clips. I loved this type of learning and would even use it in my future classroom because it is a great way for visual learners to figure out how to do something by following step-by-step directions. I could even incorporate this type of learning in the lesson plan I created about two-step equations.

Below is my final video! The first two minutes is an introduction to the project and my reflections. The last minute is the video I created using iMovie and all of my newly acquired skills.


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