Life-Long Learner

My Future as a Life-Long Learner
Life-Long Learner
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My mom has always told me that if “professional student” was a career choice, I would be golden.  I love to learn and expand my knowledge through education and professional development.  I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education in 2012 and my Master’s Degree in Educational Technology in 2015.  In the next few years, I plan on continuing my education through professional development, expanding my knowledge of photography and graphic design, and obtaining my PhD.

As a teacher, I spent hours on Pinterest researching new ideas for classroom management, classroom décor, and classroom activities.  Pinterest allows users to “pin” different media (images, websites, videos, etc.) that pertains to certain topics.  Users are able to follow other pinners and search for topics to increase their knowledge.  During the school year, days are spent learning about new learning theories and engagement in the classroom.  Currently as an instructional designer and as a part-time faculty member, I plan on continuing my professional development to improve my craft.  I plan on attending conferences and webinars produced by Instructional Design Central and Blackboard.  The Instructional Design Central is a place for resources, information, and professional networking opportunities for instructional designers and educators.  Blackboard is a learning management system that is used by many community colleges.  Also, I plan on continuing to use Pinterest, research, and fellow instructors to stay up on the latest learning theories and to make my courses engaging and to increase mastery.

In my current position at Washtenaw Community College, I am able to take classes for free.  I have always been interested in enhancing my creativity and learn how to take photographs with a DLSR camera.  There are many photography classes offered by the college as well as a Certificate and an Associate Degree.  As an instructional designer, graphic design could help improve my career and open up more opportunities.  Due to this, I would also like to take graphic design courses at Washtenaw.  Once again, there are many certificates and degrees including 3D Animation and Web Graphic Design.

One goal I have always had is to be a professor at a University to teach people how to become a teacher.  Currently, I am halfway there as I have recently begun teaching at Washtenaw Community College.  In order to reach my goal of becoming a professor, I will need to obtain my PhD.  Through much research, I decided to attend the University of Michigan and study Teaching and Teacher Education.  With this PhD, I would be able to teach people how to become effective teachers. Second, I would be able to help teachers learn how to implement learning theories to help increase mastery in their classroom.  In addition, as a Doctor of Philosophy in Teacher and Teacher Education, I would be prepared to research and improve practice and policy at the K-12 level.  Through this program, I would work with specialists in education and develop research questions to work collaboratively with my peers.  I would also have the opportunity to investigate current problems in K-12 education and focus on the work of teaching, learning to teach, and development of teachers.  In addition, the University of Michigan has many grants to help pay for tuition and offers research jobs for income during the years of study.

Overall, I have many dreams and aspirations to continue working towards.  To reach these dreams, I plan on continuing to further my education and work towards becoming a well-rounded person with many different experiences.  I plan on doing this by increasing my professional development, increasing my knowledge of photography and graphic design, and obtaining my PhD.

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