#1 Choosing a Problem of Practice

When I was first presented with this assignment, I had difficulties attempting to narrow down exactly what it is that I would like to focus on.  Coming up with a large problem of practice has always been a struggle for me.  Luckily, I had three different ideas forming in my head.

The first was about lesson planning.  Whenever I lesson plan, I always have five books spread out in front of me, a list of formative assessment techniques, a list of standards, etc.  It makes it really difficult and I always forget something I used last year.  I would want to come up with some method or technology that would make this easier.  But, I wasn’t sure this was the correct assignment for this.

My second idea was engagement.  Science is so easy to make engaging.  However, my students struggle with intrinsic motivation.  They don’t have the will to do well in school and many are just there because they have to be.  I would like to come up with something to make students want to learn and excited to learn.  Whether this be an engaging unit, or a change in the classroom.

A third idea I was toying around with was behavioral problems in the classroom.  Teachers always have a problem with students talking out of turn, being rude to one another, or not paying attention.  I would love to come up with a solution for this problem.

I posted these ideas on my class discussion had received a great question from one of my instructors.  She asked “which will be most engaging and fun for you to explore?”

That question helped me narrow down exactly what I wanted to focus on for my problem of practice.  In order for my students to learn meaningful and master their learning, I want students to be engaged.  This is why I have decided to focus on engagement in the classroom.  I want my solution to not only help my classroom, but my fellow colleagues as well.  How great would it be if my entire school could have engaging classrooms that cause students to WANT to come to school.

In order to receive more information on this topic, I would want to interview both teachers and students.  I want to see what students think is engaging and what teachers think is engaging.  I want to put myself in both shoes to see where the misconnect is occurring that causes teachers to become excited about what they are teaching and students to check out.  In addition, I may research methods that other teachers have implemented for engagement.  Is it just about being excited about a lesson?  Having students creating or doing something?  Or is it about something else?

I’m really looking forward to tackling this problem of practice!

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