#4 – Ideation

Part One – Brainstorming Session

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Part Two – Incubation Journal

3/16/15 – Students struggle with paying attention in class during discussions.  The same few students participate and truly get out of it what is needed in order to become proficient on a topic.  My unit on Cells have been mostly reading and discussion and collaboration.  I have seen a drop in engagement when there is a lot of reading to be done.  Students take test tomorrow, this allow me to see how much they have learned through this type of learning.

Cara, from my group, suggested using choices.  However, this would be a lot of front work to ensure that each student would be engaged and to come up with two separate units.  Is this feasible in science?

3/17/15 – Students BOMBED test.  It was the worst grades that they have ever taken.  Was this because of the teaching or because of the test questions?  Test questions were a lot more higher level.  Could this be the problem or the reading and discussing aspect of the lessons?

3/18/15 – We went on a field trip today to the elementary schools.  Our middle schoolers read to the elementary schoolers.  Students were excited and engaged and practiced their books that they were to read.  THIS  was engaging and it dealt with reading.  What made this engaging?  The follow-through?  The fact that students were going to be role models to younger students?  May need to think through this some more.

Paul came up with a great idea of how to engage students when introducing a new objective or standard.  Showing a video or having some sort of engaging introduction could help students become excited about learning the new standard.

3/20/15 – Attended the MACUL conference today and received lots of ideas for engagement.  Kahoot, edpuzzle, edmodo, schoology.

Carmen suggested publishing their work.  Students may take their work more seriously if they knew someone else, besides me or a classmate, would see their work.  Maybe creating a portfolio would be a cool way to incorporate this idea.

Part Three – Reflection 

Wow what a week!  So many new ideas for enhancing engagement, and so many that are so far from my original ideas.  During my brainstorming session, my friend suggested having a reward system for students who participate.  She also uses cold call instead of calling on students so that they are more engaged and more likely to have an answer ready.

The incubation journal definitely helped me see my thought process as I went through this week.  I am really glad I chose to do the journal this week since I had the opportunity to attend MACUL.  At MACUL, I was able to see different ways that other teachers enhance their engagement with technology.

Going forward, I really like the idea of publishing my student’s work allowing them to take ownership for what they are learning.  I also want to start incorporating using Kahoot and online discussion forums to further student thinking and forcing EACH of them to complete a discussion.  I might do this through creating an online class in Haiku LMS, Schoology, or Edmodo.

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