#6 Testing

Before Testing

The sixth step of design thinking is the testing phase.  Before I could test, I had to come up with a protocol to use as I was testing it.  Since I tested the technologies I was implementing in 4 different classes, I wanted to make sure that I introduced it in the same way.  In addition, I chose 4 students from each class to survey after using the technology for two days.  I wanted to make sure that I asked these students the same questions to get helpful results.



Plickers are a way to formatively assess students by using paper clickers.  All you need are the paper clickers (which can be downloaded from their website) and a smart phone or tablet.  The teacher shows a question and the students hold their cards up to show the answer.  The teacher can then scan the room and collect data to see who understands a concept and who does not.

While I was passing out the plickers, many students asked “what are these for?”  During the first time using them, I practiced with the students by asking silly questions such as “Is it cold in here?” or “Why does Ms. Chamberlin have rules?”

I then used the Plickers as a formative assessment at the end of a lesson.  I posted three questions and had the students show their answer.  We then looked at the data and decided whether or not the class needed to be retaught or if we could move onto the next concept.


Students loved the Plickers and wanted to see who answered correctly and incorrectly.  They were dying to show their answer and always told me “you didn’t get my answer” if their name was not checked on the board.  They asked the next day if we could use the Plickers again.

These enhanced the lesson because of the ability to quickly assess my students to see whether or not they understood a concept.  I could easily transfer the data to a grade book and look to see if I had to change my lesson the next day.


Out of the 16 students surveyed, all of them said they enjoyed Plickers.  The “why” answers were extremely interesting.  Students said they enjoyed them because they helped them see what they needed to study, because it was easier than taking a test or writing out answers, because they were interactive and engaging, and because they were new and unique.



I was very excited to implement Edpuzzle.  Edpuzzle is a way for teachers to show videos and have students answer questions as the video plays and test their comprehension.  In my first hour, I decided to try using the Nooks to use Edpuzzle.  This was a disaster!  The site would only work on half of the Nooks and many of the students were not prompted to answer a question as they watched the video.  The next three hours I decided to use a computer lab to implement Edpuzzle.  This worked a little better, but I ran into the problem that there were not enough headphones for the students to watch the video.


Students were only engaged as they watched the video.  Unfortunately, since we did not have enough headphones there was a lot of talking and not much engagement.  In addition, students didn’t understand the point of watching the video and answering questions.


Out of the 16 students surveyed, only 7 students enjoyed using Edpuzzle.  The students that enjoyed it said that it was fun because watching videos are fun, because they are a visual for visual learners, because you could rewatch certain parts until you understood it, and that it was educating. The students who did not enjoy it stated that they thought it was boring, lame, and a waste of time.



Kahoot is a way to ask multiple choice questions as a game.  Students are competitors as they try to get the correct answer and be on the leader board.  During testing, we once again used the Nooks.  Since only some of the Nooks worked, I also let the students use their cell phones.  The cell phones worked a lot better.  Unfortunately, in the middle of the game many students were kicked out and were not able to play.


Students were VERY engaged during the game of Kahoot.  They loved it and wanted to play over and over.  Unfortunately, the students who could not log in due to the Nook not working were not engaged and sat and did nothing.  There was also a lot of frustration when the student would get kicked out in the middle of the game.


16 out of 16 students said they enjoyed using Kahoot.  These students stated they enjoyed it because it was fun, challenging, fun to see how much they knew, it made learning fun, it was educational, and you got to test how much you know.


Plickers enhanced the lesson because of the ability to quickly assess my students to see whether or not they understood a concept.  I could easily transfer the data to a grade book and look to see if I had to change my lesson the next day.  Also, they were extremely engaging and made the students excited to come to class because they thought we would use them again.

Overall, Edpuzzle could be an opportunity to enhance learning.  However, due to the inability to have enough headphones and the lack of technology, using Edpuzzle took way more time than expected.  This could be used as a summative assessment where students create a video and place it on Edpuzzle and create a quiz on a unit we learned about as a class.

Finally, Kahoot was extremely engaging for my students.  They loved it and have asked me to use it again over and over.  However, I do not believe it enhances learning.  It is a great technology for test prep, but it is not a good formative assessment as it is so easy to choose the wrong answer in your haste to answer the question the quickest.

Overall, I have found two extremely engaging technologies and one that has the potential to truly enhance classroom instruction.  In the future, I would like to find more technologies that are engaging AND enhance learning at the same time.  I am also realizing that technology may not be the route to go as I do not have the network or technology to use these on a daily basis.

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