Creating Prototypes

The fifth step in design thinking is creating a prototype.  To practice this, I was assigned a project to use household materials and create a prototype for a big idea.

At first when I saw this assignment I thought “Oh no.”  I am one of those students who works better when you tell me the steps to do and I follow them.  To come up with a prototype out of nowhere is tough for me.  However, when I think about our connected world, I think about how Facebook allows us to keep in touch with family members and friends from different countries without having to pay extra for phone time.  I think about how Twitter helps us connect with educators all around the world and learn from them in a way that was never before possible.  These thoughts led me to my prototype:


Using cardboard, sharpies, and pins, I was able to create a world map (obviously my map isn’t drawn to scale, and my artistic abilities are lacking).  This maps represents the people that I am friends with on Facebook from different countries.  Facebook allows us to talk, interact, and keep up with people all around the world.

If I were to do this project over, I would use string to connect the different pins and connect it to my hometown pin.  I believe this would show the connections that Facebook allows more clearly.

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