Incubating my Problem of Practice

Before Incubation

Engagement is a very difficult thing for all teachers.  For one, is there truly a way to make EVERY student engaged at all times?  Christina brought up a great point that if you do implement engaging activities everyday then there will always be those 1-2 students who are not engaged.  However, you could then hone in on these students and find out why they aren’t engaged rather than dealing with entire class of 35 students.

I am realizing that many of the ideas that are being suggested by other people and that I am coming up with are extremely time consuming on my part.  Coming up with separate units for different students is a lot of front loading.  However, could it be beneficial to have students choose their own paths?  I REALLY like the idea of having students publish their work.  I believe that this will truly make students want to do well, as they will know that their work will be seen by others.  However, how can I do this with a lack of technology in the classroom?  Does it have to be a blog?  I do a lot of projects that deal with creating a story book.  Could different students publish their work in different ways to show people what they have learned?  Maybe this could be done on test days.  When a student finishes a test, they could then write something or create something that shows what they learned during a unit.  This could get them excited for test days instead of dreading them.

Another way I could create engagement is by including more technology based things.  I currently use Plickers as a way of Formative Assessment.  However, from the MACUL conference this week, I have learned so many new ways to engage students.  Kahoot! would be a great way to get students to practice word wall words or understand concepts for a test.  And it could be individual which would allow students to see what type of stuff they need to study for a test.  Edpuzzle could also be another idea.  Students watch videos instead of having me explain things and they participate in discussions.  This might be a great alternative to listening to me explain something.  But, will these technologies work on the Nooks that I have in my classroom?  And if not, how can I implement these amazing tools to keep students engaged with the access to technology?  Are there grants I could fill out in my attempt to engage my students?

Hmmm…I may need to think on some of these ideas….

After Incubation

IDEA: If edpuzzle works on the nooks, students could complete discussions with one another on the app.  Students hate participating and very rarely listen to one another during a discussion.  This might be a great way to engage all students and require them to be responsible for their own learning!

IDEA:  Have students start a portfolio for my class.  After each unit, have them create a video or something to show what they have learned and place it on their portfolio.  Great to show how they have grown throughout the year and reflect on their learning.


I realized while reading the article, The Creativity Hack You Can Do In Your Sleep, that I do this quite often.  On Sundays, when I am stuck on what I want to do for the week of lesson plans, I take a break and surf the web, or go shopping, or read a book.  This often lets me clear my head and I am excited and ready to think again later on in the day.  I think the incubation period is a great idea. It lets your mind think about something else and then when you go back to your problem, you can look at it with fresh eyes.

While I was incubating my idea, I was surfing the web and doing some online shopping.  One idea popped into my idea about halfway through the incubation period.  I was so excited and worried about forgetting it that I added it to my blog post right away.  It wasn’t until I read through my original thinking process, that I thought of the second idea.

I will definitely continue using this process for all of my creative needs.

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