Learning Empathy Through the Perspective of a Dog

Living two minutes in the life of my dog was a lot of fun!!  To begin this process, I began to think like my dog.  She loves catching toys, is scared when she hears a knock, and loves going outside.  I wanted to emanate her feelings in my video.  I shot the video in four separate pieces to help see her perspective in a structured way.  You can also see her in many of the shots of the video.

Throughout this process, I learned a lot of new things about my dog.  As I watched the video, I realized how big the world looks to her.  I understand why stairs were made for dogs as the jump from the bed to the floor is huge (0:10).  I also began to understand WHY she barks when she hears a knock on the door.  As seen in the video (0:24 and 0:30) the door to the outside is huge compared to her.  When she stands at the door, she only sees the light coming from underneath the door and the bottom of the door.  To her, this door is a scary portal to the unknown.  Recently, my area had a snow storm and I took her out to play in the snow.  She refused to go anywhere near the snow and I kept wondering why.  Through this project, I realized how large the snow piles were compared to her (1:00).  No wonder she refused to go in the snow!

I really enjoyed this project and made me think in new ways about dogs and why they do the things they do.  I look forward to applying this concept to many more areas in my life!

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