The Act of Being Creative – Sniglets and Reconsidering

Part 1:  Creating Sniglets

I see myself as a creative person when it comes to website design, taking pictures, creating drawings, etc.  However, when it comes to making up something out of thin air?  Way out of my comfort zone!

When I was asked to create three sniglets (or words that define something), I had a blank mind for a good five minutes.  However, I started looking around, I saw some problems that could use a word to describe them!

Sonofa (suhn-uv-uh) n. – The act of stubbing your toe on your bed frame.

Tomoveornot (tuh-moov-awr-not) n. When you have two sleeping puppies on you and you have to get up to get something but you don’t want to disturb them.

Baddaynoway (bad-dey-noh-wey) n. When you have a bad day and you just want to binge eat on fatty foods to make yourself feel bette.

Part 2:  Reframing

The Problem

When I began researching about reframing, I saw a lot of articles about changing your mindset, making negative thoughts positive, and getting new outlooks on life.  Through my research, I found a study conducted by the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia.  Researchers began looking at the crime rates in Australia and wanted to solve the problem of reducing the crime rate.  One of these crimes included illegal dumping.  Through their research and reframing, they realized that there were many other problems related to illegal dumping than the crime itself.  Some of these problems were:

  • There is no permanent fence around the property
  • There is no signage to state the land is under ownership by the Darkinjung Land Council
  • The act of Illegal Dumping as well as the consequence is not advertised to the community
  • The ill design of the Website leads to lack of understanding and knowledge about the Buttonderry Waste Facility

By identifying these issues, the research team was able to come up with solutions that were viable and helped reduce the illegal dumping in Australia.  Some of these solutions were:

  • Education of the problem of Illegal Dumping will be highlighted via a campaign, targeting the Building Industry
  • The design of a fleet of Mobile Skips that aid in sorting waste, making it far more convenient and cost effective to dispose of
  • The advertising of the Buttonderry Waste Management Facility educates the community about the service that is offered


Through my research, and watching the Harvard Business Review on 5 Whys, I have learned the importance of looking more closely at my problem of practice.  The University of Technology researchers identified a problem of crime rate of illegal dumping.  However, when they asked themselves “why?” they realized that the crime was occurring because there was no regulation of recyclables and there were no consequences.  By identifying these new problems, researchers were better equipped to come up with solutions for their reframed problems.

Even though my problem of practice is engagement in the classroom, there may be an underlying problem that is causing this disengagement.  By asking “why,” I can begin getting to a reframed problem and creating solutions.

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