Teaching Students Online

During this course, I had the opportunity to create an online course for students.  The course I created is considered a hybrid course which means students would be using the online course as well as meeting face-to-face.  It is geared towards 8th graders who are learning about Plate Tectonics.  The course is divided up into three sections:  “What is Plate Tectonics?”, “How do Plates Move?”, and “What is Pangea?”  At the end of each section of the unit, students have an assignment that allows them to show off the knowledge they have acquired while learning about Plate Tectonics.  At the end of the course, students take an online test that would be administered during class time.

To view my course site, use the information below.

8th Grade Course

Username:  MSU820STUDENT

Password:  student

For a detailed review of my thoughts during the course creation, view the Google Doc below.

Google Doc

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