Professional Learning Networks

Initial Thoughts

Being a first year teacher, there are many resources that I rely on for information on how to improve my teaching. I call this my Professional Learning Networks or PLN. For one, I rely on the curriculum directors at my school and often bounce ideas off of them to improve the curriculum as well as behavior in my classroom. I also work with the representatives of the math program that my school has implemented (Carnegie) and the online forums that the company has created. Finally, I often research new ideas through Teachers pay Teachers, NCTM and books for teachers.

PLC   Brainstorm

Final Thoughts

After taking two hours to delve into Twitter and RSS feeds, I am shocked at the resources for teachers that I had never known about!  I am excited to read through the RSS feeds that I have subscribed to (LifeHacker, Gizmodo, Tech Crunch, Science Daily, US Department of Education, and NCTM) and the Twitter hashtags that I have added to my TweetDeck (#MAET, #appsforkids, #motivationalmonday, #mathchat, #elearning, #collaborativelearning).

I have realized that teachers have an abundance of information waiting for them!  There are so many different opportunities and paths to obtain information!  I now have a much broader PLN and a much better understanding of using Twitter and RSS feeds!

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