With over 10 years of experience in teaching, facilitating, and instructional design, I have had the opportunity to teach and facilitate a range of courses including academic credit, professional credit, certificates, and more.


Teaching and Speaking

Digital Learning Theories, Arizona State University
Learning in School and Other Settings, Michigan State University
Evaluation of Learning System, Arizona State University
Modalities of Learning, Arizona State University
Strategies for Inquiry, Arizona State University
Innovations for Teaching and Learning, Arizona State University
Qualitative Methods in Action Research, Arizona State University

Previous Work

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Inclusive Assessments: Grading for Growth, Online Learning Consortium
Relationship-Building for Effective Collaboration with Faculty/SMEs, Online Learning Consortium
Instructional Design Certificate, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Academic Credit

Professional Credit and Workshops


As an instructional designer and adjunct faculty, I draw upon many of my experiences as an online student and former K-12 teacher in my teaching. My goal as a professor is to empower my students to truly believe they can do anything they set their minds to. My classroom is a safe environment where we can practice, play, fail, and learn. Aside from meeting objectives, my main goal is for my students to feel empowered to succeed and confident to follow their dreams. In addition to teaching, I am always willing to mentor my students through tough situations. My classroom is an environment where students feel comfortable coming to me for help.



All students are different in their ways of learning in addition to the speed at which they will understand a concept. It is important to incorporate all of this into daily lesson plans to allow for all students to succeed.  



It took me many years to realize it, but I am truly a teacher at heart. I look forward to learning more about my students, mentoring them, and helping them see their own potential. I truly believe that my students are helping me while I am helping them grow to be responsible, successful professionals. As I look back on my own experiences, my teachers have made a significant impact and influence on who I am today. Creating a positive classroom environment will only help today's students become great citizens of tomorrow.   

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SOAR from the Ashes

This podcast is all about sharing my life journey to lead, inspire, and encourage with love to help you find alignment. 


The heart of who I am is a leader and teacher. In my career, I have been an instructional designer (ID), teacher, facilitator, public speaker, and coach. I have over 10 years of experience in the education field spanning both K-12 classrooms and higher education. All of my work is driven by my life motto to lead, inspire, and guide with love.  My joy and happiness comes from seeing people, projects, and companies align with their mission and create an authentic experience. I embody a growth mindset and consider myself a lifelong learner. 

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