Adulting Isn’t ALWAYS Bad

October 28, 2016


Yes, that seriously just happened.  My husband actually texted me saying that he LIKES our house clean.  I never saw this day coming!  How was I going to get both of our lazy butts up to make sure our house was clean and up to date on any improvements that needed to be done?

Last week, after deciding to keep our house, I realized that we needed to change up our cleaning routine.  And I mean like really shake it up.  There were things that we weren’t keeping up on (like washing the walls, cleaning the microwave, and even changing the furnace filter) like we should.  I kept putting off cleaning the tub and whenever I would FINALLY clean it, I had to scrub it.  Like sweating, swearing, and sore scrubbing.  It was ridiculous.  I needed to keep up with it better.

I am IN LOVE with to-do lists.  That feeling of crossing something off when it is completed is the best feeling in the world.  I had always seen monthly to-do lists on Pinterest and I kept telling myself “we really need to do that!”  Last weekend, I FINALLY sat down and made our own to-do lists.  I thought about everything we do as it is and just made daily to-dos.  I also created a list for each week of the month so that we kept up with things that we should have been doing in the first place!


This week was our test run.  To see if we actually kept up with it.  And guess what!  We did!!!  Hence the text from my husband.  In fact, on Wednesday night while we were driving my hubby turned to me and said “so what chore do we have tomorrow night?”  He even came home each night hung up his keys AND kept up with the dishes each night!!  I feel so accomplished and like our house is actually starting to feel like home.  I am so happy and excited to see how the lists go throughout the year!

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