Hershey’s 2nd Birthday

January 1, 2017

Today is Hershey Bear’s 2nd birthday!  The best part of her birthday being on New Years Day is we are always off work.  Which means she gets extra cuddles and lots of attention for her birthday!  Plus, since we always stay up until Midnight for New Year’s Eve, we are able to sing her Happy Birthday.  Unfortunately, we went to a friend’s house for New Year’s Eve, which meant we weren’t going to be home right at midnight.  However, we did a mini countdown with Bear at around 7:30 and sang her Happy Birthday and screamed HAPPY NEW YEAR! <3

Last week, I took Hershey to Three Dog Bakery to pick out some goodies for her Birthday.  I was a little scared to take her since she can sometimes become overwhelmed when there is a lot of people.  She sat in the front seat on the way to Plymouth (about a 35-40 minute drive) and was able to stick her nose out the window a couple of times.


When we arrived to Plymouth, the city was PACKED!  We had to drive around for about 15 mins just to find a parking spot!  It was ridiculous.  We finally found a parking spot and started walking towards Three Dog Bakery.  Hershey was so excited!  She walked on her leash so well and stopped whenever I stopped to watch for cars.  She even let people pet her on our way to Three Dog Bakery.  When we finally arrived at the store, Bear picked out some doggie ice cream, a pupcake, and some treats to share with her sisters.

We walked to the park with all of the pretty Christmas trees where Bear was able to eat some ice cream and watch the cars go by.  She was such a good girl!  I was very proud of her! <3

Today she gets to eat her pupcake and cuddle with me all day <3.  Happy Birthday Hershey Bear!

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