A Little Dirty Laundry

January 3, 2017

I’m a pretty private person.  Although, some people who follow me on Facebook probably don’t agree.  I don’t usually post anything negative and try to stay away from conflict.  In fact, I wasn’t even going to post about this, but it was such a traumatic event, I want to be able to document and cope in my own way.

Yesterday, I was bitten by a dog.  Before you ask, no it wasn’t one of my dogs.  Our neighbor’s son recently moved back to Michigan and often times brings his dogs over.  One of his dogs ALWAYS tries to get into our yard.  She will sit at our fence and bark even if our dogs aren’t outside.  Back in the fall while Brett was out of town, she actually maneuvered herself under our fence and bit our Hershey Bear.  Instead of retaliating, Hershey Bear came running as fast as she could to me to take care of her.  Since then, we have had to take our dogs out one-by-one when they are over OR go out with them to make sure that our dog don’t go by the fence.  It’s sad and frustrating, especially because those dogs don’t even live there.  But we cope.

Yesterday, I was in the front yard taking down our Christmas lights.  I was almost done and about to go back inside when our neighbor’s son’s dogs came running over and started barking at me on the porch.  I tried walking towards their owner in hopes of corralling them to their house, when the dog lunged and bit me.  Thank GOD my husband was sitting on the couch looking out the window.  He witnessed the dog lunge and came running outside as fast as he could.  I was on the verge of tears and didn’t think it was bad, but man did it hurt. I lifted up my pant leg to discover, it was a lot worse than I thought.


I instantly starting balling my eyes out.  My dogs were so worried about me because they KNEW something was wrong.  My husband was able to calm me down and clean up the wound.  We decided to go to the Hospital just in case.  Luckily, no stitches were needed, however, I had to have a tetanus shot and be put on antibiotics.  Overall, it could have been A LOT WORSE.

We did file a report.  However, and I know this is the most controversial thing I will say to most people, I can’t imagine being the reason a dog is put to sleep.  I am a firm believer that a lot of the reason for this dog’s aggression is the owner’s negligence.

Today, the wound is starting to heal.  However, my arm (from the tetanus shot) and my knee are extremely sore.


Wish me a speedy recovery!

Note:  The dog was a medium sized Shepherd Mix.

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