I will fight…

On Saturday, I was proud to be an American.  I was beyond excited to see people come together from different backgrounds to fight for a cause.  I was shocked by the amount of cities and countries that participated in a peaceful protest with no arrests.  A protest that showed that the American people are not divided, that we as a people believe in the fight for human rights.  I felt this way, that is until Sunday night, when I started becoming disappointed with society.

This past weekend caused me to unfollow MULTIPLE people on Facebook.  I felt hurt and betrayed by the comments of people.  The people saying that this march was about feminism.  The people saying that this march was pointless.  The people that made fun of the women (and men!) that took the time to march.  Not against Trump, not for feminist ideals, but for HUMAN RIGHTS.

I am shocked at the lack of compassion.  I am afraid.  I am afraid for the people who can’t fight for themselves without judgement.  I am afraid that the progress made over the past few years with LGBTQ rights will take a step backwards.  I am afraid people won’t feel welcome anymore in America when we are a melting pot of people from different backgrounds.  I am afraid, as a woman, that my rights will be taken away.  I am afraid that I will be dictated for what I can and can’t do with MY OWN BODY.

These fears are real.  And I know there are people more fearful than I am living in this country right now.  That is not a laughing matter.  It is not something to take lightly.

I will always fight for human rights.  I will always fight for equality.  My voice will be heard even if I am one in a billion.


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