Hershey Bear: A STAR

February 1, 2017

I’m seriously so proud of my dogs!!  Recently, we decided to put our dogs in dog training through PetSmart.  As much as I love my dogs, Hershey struggles with self-confidence as a dog and Domino is just crazy!

Our first class went ok.  I worked with Domino and my husband worked with Hershey.

Domino kept throwing temper tantrums whenever another dog was getting attention or getting treats and she wasn’t.  She did pretty good with sit, leave it, and waiting at doors.  However, she struggled with down.  She refused to go down even after the trainer gave us some tips and tricks!  Hershey was extremely scared throughout the class.  She spent most of the class with her tail between her legs.  She did well with sit and leave it.  But the leave it was mostly because she wasn’t interested in any treats!  We decided for our next class that Hershey would work with me and Domino would work with my husband.

Between classes, I worked with Hershey almost everyday.  I witnessed her confidence start to grow and she even started sitting straight up rather than hunched over.  She learned sit, stay, and down!  She even started getting better and better at leave it.

At our second class, Hershey became the star student!  She showed off her skills and was even comfortable enough to lay down on the floor in class.  She did not have her tail between her legs AT ALL and she was wagging her tail.  She even let the trainer do tricks with her.  The trainer even commented that Hershey was a fast learner and she didn’t have to worry about her at all!  Since the second class, Hershey has learned to stay while laying down!!

I’m so dang proud of this dog.  She has had her confidence soar and continues to improve all of her skills.  Plus seeing her butt shake in happiness whenever she gets something right just makes me so happy!

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