Domino: Another Star?

February 6, 2017

I suppose I spoke too soon!  Last week, I wrote about how Hershey was a star at our weekly trainings.  That SAME day, Domino became a star as well!


Let me back up a bit.  That Wednesday, I was having an off day.  I already didn’t feel like going out in public, but pushed myself to do so.  Of course, that morning it took 2 hours to get to work because of snow =(.  I was EXHAUSTED.  Plus since we had dog training that night, I wasn’t able to make up the time, which meant I knew I would have to make up 2 hours in the future.  When I arrived home, I ate dinner and wasn’t planning on going to training.  I was going to force Brett to go with Domino, but of course he kept saying “I’m not teaching you what we learn” (dang competition! 😉 ).  So, I once again forced myself to go to training for Bear’s sake.  Well, let’s just say I wasn’t the only one having an off day.

Don’t get me wrong, Hershey still did a great job!  However, she struggled with basic commands such as sit and stay.  She was overwhelemed because there were 4 dogs there when the week prior there were 3 dogs.  She wanted to constantly be around Domino and pulled on her leash whenever she saw Domino.  Instead of getting frustrated, I worked with Hershey on the tricks she liked doing such as sit and down.  Plus, we learned how to do paw!

While this was happening, Domino became the star!  She was walking on a leash correctly.  She was sitting and staying while Brett went to the end of the leash and then walked back.  She did an amazing job!  I was super proud of her (and slightly jealous due to our competition).

Now the question is, who will be the star this week?!

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