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Socks. They are seriously the death of me.  I ALWAYS forget to grab socks when I am picking out Bailee’s outfit for the day. Originally, all I had bought were white socks, because that is all I wore as a kid.  Then, when we went out with our best friends, I realized I should have […]

The Evil Sock Monster

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Isn’t it amazing how women can sit in front of their closets and stare for hours and have nothing to wear?!  Seriously, I have an entire closet full of nice clothes and there are days that I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO WEAR!  I will try on five different outfits and find things wrong with […]

Unexpected Outfits

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I’m addicted.  It is a healthy addiction, but an addiction all the same. First it was Scentsy.  I had to have a party (especially because many of my friends were consultants) every season.  Seriously, I needed to have the summer scents, then the fall scents, then the summer scents, etc.  It was a vicious circle […]

A Healthy Addiction

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