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In Season 3 of “Be an Instructional Design Rockstar,” I have the unique opportunity to chat with other online learning professionals. This season is all about learning from each other. The goal for this season is to inspire, empower, and connect within the online learning field. Episode 3.1 of “Be an Instructional Design Rockstar”  This […]

Interview with Tyler Watts

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This past summer I became a mentor to other instructional designers in Educause’s ID2ID Mentoring program. This experience has shown me amazing ways to connect with others in the teaching and learning community. Even as a remote employee, I have found myself connecting with others even more so than when I was in the office. […]

My Experience with Educause’s Mentoring Program

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Ok, honestly I haven’t really changed, just became a better version of my “old” self. Over the past year I have been really focusing on my own mental health, personal growth, and figuring out what is next. After 3.5 years, this Fall semester I will be defending my dissertation and becoming Dr. Blair Stamper. In […]

The New and Improved Blair Stamper

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If you haven’t heard, a new instructional designer opportunity for conversation is launching on June 17, 2022 at 12 PM ET! The purpose of the #ID2IDchat Twitter chat is to create a community and safe space for instructional designers on social media. Using Twitter, allows for outside connections and contributions to the instructional design and […]

The Launch of #ID2IDchat

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Last night I was listening to a great Podcast (ok, honestly it was called Drama Queens and centered around former characters of One Tree Hill watching the episodes again). As I was listening, I took a look at my office with the microphone I had bought on Amazon’s Prime Day and thought, “I could do […]

The Birth of a Podcast

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