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The next few of my posts might be a little more personal.  We are going to dive deep into the innerworkings of my brain (oh man, be prepared!) I read memes on Facebook all the time about anxiety, stress, worrying, etc.  I see pictures that resonate with me, which means I’m not the only one […]

When our momma sang us to sleep but now we’re stressed out.

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On Saturday, I was proud to be an American.  I was beyond excited to see people come together from different backgrounds to fight for a cause.  I was shocked by the amount of cities and countries that participated in a peaceful protest with no arrests.  A protest that showed that the American people are not divided, […]

I will fight…

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I am my own worst enemy. I beat myself up for the smallest things all the time.  My husband knows that he doesn’t have to say a word when I screw up because I am already beating myself up and have a guilty conscience.  Crazy right? This is not an understatement.  For example, I lost […]

My Own Worst Enemy

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