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It was Wednesday, September 13th.  I was 39 weeks and 4 days.  My last day of work was going to be that Friday.  My boss had bought me a Spa Package and I thought it was the perfect time to use it since my due date was fast approaching.  I took the day off and […]

Bailee’s Birth Story <3

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I’m seriously so proud of my dogs!!  Recently, we decided to put our dogs in dog training through PetSmart.  As much as I love my dogs, Hershey struggles with self-confidence as a dog and Domino is just crazy! Our first class went ok.  I worked with Domino and my husband worked with Hershey. Domino kept […]

Hershey Bear: A STAR

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Well, winter has officially hit.  Over the course of what felt like 24 hours, we received 10.5 inches of snow! Most of the day yesterday was spent watching the news for the list of school closings.  Back when I was a teacher, I always felt like this watching the news: Now that I work at […]

Snowmageddon 2016

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One year ago, I was blessed to become the wife of an amazing man.  We celebrated with friends and family in Frankenmuth and had a beautiful, lovely wedding. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to enjoy the wedding night 😉 because our Onnie ran away. Last weekend we had the opportunity to visit Frankenmuth again and actually […]

One Year of Happiness

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