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If you are a parent of a young child right now, then you probably know all about Bluey. There was a recent episode of Bluey called “The Sign” (be prepared to cry if you haven’t watched it, yet). I won’t give away all of the amazing pieces of the episode, but the main premise of […]

Teacher at Heart

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Yes, I’m aware at how dramatic that sounds. While I would never change anything about going through the process, I learned quite a lot. And it has honestly taken me just over a year to really see all of the different areas this process impacted my life. Getting a doctoral degree is traumatic to your […]

The Trauma of a Doctoral Degree

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This past Friday, I was honored with the University of Michigan-Dearborn’s 2023 College of Education, Health, and Human Services Alumnus of the Year award. This award honors a graduate of the College of Education, Health, and Human Services who has shown outstanding professional accomplishments in their field, and demonstrated public service, and leadership. I was […]

CEHHS Alumnus of the Year

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If you didn’t know already, May is Mental Health Awareness Month. As someone who has battled depression and anxiety their whole life, I’m appreciative that discussions surrounding mental health have become more prevalent. However, I still think the topic is a bit taboo (and systemically doesn’t have enough support in place). Because of this, I […]

My Story of Mental Health

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Society has built this idea of a corporate ladder. The theory is that you start at the bottom of a company and keep moving up until you reach lower management, middle-management, executive management, and then the CEO level. But, what if managing people isn’t for you? In online learning, the idea is similar. Members of […]

Redefining Success

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Ok, honestly I haven’t really changed, just became a better version of my “old” self. Over the past year I have been really focusing on my own mental health, personal growth, and figuring out what is next. After 3.5 years, this Fall semester I will be defending my dissertation and becoming Dr. Blair Stamper. In […]

The New and Improved Blair Stamper

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Wow, it has been awhile.  It’s funny – whenever I’m on vacation, I think, “I should really start my blog up again.”  Then I write 1 or 2 entries, life takes over and the blog gets put on the back-burner.  Well here I am and you guessed it, I’m finishing up my vacation. It is […]

A Week of Gratitude

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We’ve all been guilty of giving the worst advice ever.  And we’ve all been on the receiving end of this aforementioned advice.  In your darkest moments, “everything happens for a reason” is the last thing you want to hear. While the giver of this advice more than likely has the best intentions in place, it […]

The Worst Advice Ever

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I’m sure you’ve heard the huge hype of the Netflix Original Movie, Bird Box.  I’m not normally one of the ones to jump on the bandwagon of watching shows just because everyone else has seen it.  But, of course, I got sucked into it when my husband started watching it one Friday night.  You may […]

Vulnerability in a Bird Box

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It is time for that “new year, new me” movement.  My husband always makes fun of this time of year, because it is a bunch of people making goals that by February, they’ve probably abandoned.  I’ve found making goals throughout the year and making small attainable steps to reach those goals are much better comprehended […]

New Years 2019

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